Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly.

The good, I am on the road to recovery.  I am 3 1/2 weeks out of surgery and continue to make some strides.  Not going to lie, the trip abroad has left me physically exhausted in addition, to the regular jet lag.  (Doc says 8-18 months....I say I was slinging babies after 1 week with time for that)

The surgeon gave me the goods to get across the ocean but I needed to groom up before I came back.  

I am not sure what was longer the hair on my legs, my head or my chin. Most Amish men, once married, grow their beards out and no longer shave.  I say the same thing happens to Catholic women.  I made Marty have a pact with me that if I was ever in a nursing home that he must PLUCK my chin....not shave it and this may even have to be a bigger vow than marriage itself.  He can pay someone to do it but I do have some standards.

As it turned out, Madeline was on fall break after my surgery.  There are many things that she isn't but one thing that she is....a great daughter....she plucked my chin!  I almost think she liked it.

In full disclosure,  this is not me.

Has anyone used the new NO-NO hair remover?  Might have to invest.
Most reviews say no no.

Good: Check
Ugly: Check

The Bad.  I am giving everyone the okay to laugh at the end of this bad but not until you have at least 10 seconds of OMG.  
I woke up last night after about 4 hours sleep to go the bathroom.  In my mind I was still In Dewey.  I go into the bathroom to do my business and back into the toilet...a normal night pee.  But I wasn't in Dewey, I am in Antwerp with a total different layout.  So I am backing up and backing up and I fell into the bath ....wait for it... (How i Met Your Mother Barney style)...tub! I fell full on into the bathtub. I cut my back on the fixture and for drama purposes I will add a minor concussion from banging my head (could be true based on the knot) and a for certain bruise will be appearing soon on my ass.  Okay now say OMG and give me the curtesy of the 10 seconds you can laugh.  At 4 AM this made me cry.  At 10 AM with a coffee in hand delivered by Marty, I allowed him to laugh.  I am sure I will laugh eventually at that but I am actually laughing at the lady with the beard.  This could have been serious, I'm sure...I guess I should have left that FALL RISK bracelet on.

I continue to get so much love and concern.  I am one lucky chick.

Attended a Halloween function at the Starboard with my neck brace on last weekend.  People actually touched my neck and asked if I came as an accident victim. OW.

I have made a huge cross over....I enjoy a glass of wine. (Don't worry I am still a vodka girl)

Kate Thomas has been a real working girl for a year now in Columbus at Abercrombie and Fitch/Hollister ....her dog Koda has made their instagram page twice with combined 70,000 likes.  Here she is with a few Halloween looks, lady, bug, lit pumpkin necklace, cat women, skeleton....(Wonder why I hear things like..."Mom, I don't have any money?")

Finally, Katie Ralston found the words for me why I never ever have to explain why I love cheeze-itz.  Click the link below.

20 REASONS (click on this)

 I am certain my Holiday Merriment will be out soon.  And Don't forget Hanukkah is early this year....Nov 27...get those candles!  And a special shout out to Hannah Dobie and her new home in WS....Happy Diwali!

Peace.  Your non editing, friend.