Friday, October 4, 2013


Pain in the ASS or Pain in the Neck

Please pretend to think how pretty I am just to make me feel better....but check out my post September tan.

So much has happened to me this summer and for those of you that know me well it takes a lot to slow me down.  If asked to do most things I am VERY impulsive (yes ADHD related) and rarely say no (whether it is fun, easy, hard, against the law....up to and including jaywalking and talking on my phone in the car)....but I rarely say no.  For the past few months I have had to say no more than I would like.

I pretend to be a blogger but rarely have the words to be witty enough to do it on a regular basis, but thought I would take this forum to inform and be clear what is going on with me. I know I tend to exaggerate, but this is a true number I have been to the doctor or related appointments 50 times (-11...was kind of exaggerating ).  General Practitioner, Orthopedic Doc, chiropractor, dentist, medical massager, Dermatologist  Surgeon, blood work, MRI and 3 times to the Emergency Room since June 19.    

First and for most for my friends who have followed my head horn which has already been removed 3 times.  Insert here from Di Roe.... I can see your horn  you need to cover it up with your hair.  It grew back again and this time a specialist had to go in and remove scar tissue.   Everyone can now pause and gag.    Done gagging?  It should not return.  

After X-rays and non invasive procedures to relieve pain in back and arm a MRI has determined that I have Cervical Stenosis and a cyst that is pushing in-between my c6 cnd c7 vertebrae. (Thank goodness for spell check as I do not think I have ever spelled vertebrae correctly and have no clue if that is singular or plural).  The cyst is benign and I am scheduled for spinal surgery October 9.  Marty will get in on the 8th.  I am planning to be fine and ready to fly back to Antwerp on the 23.

Things about the previous few sentences.  Saying things like Cervical Stenosis and  c6/c7 vertebrae make me want to be an extra on Grey's Anatomy and I also think that the movie This is Spinal Tap is one of the best satirical films ever made.  

11! must be the loudest!

I cry and I cry a lot and have said many times to Marty that this has been a shitty summer.  He is always the pragmatic one and is the opposite of impulsive when replying to anything.  His response, "It has not been totally shitty." (fun when you can use the word shitty more than once in a conversation and it is a serious.) And you know?  He is right.  Thought I would share some less shitty moments.

still the flag lady
old people can still score!  2nd place scavenger hunt
starboard  2013 #team red white and boozie

                                                                                    still sing with the Seed

this really is my new car tag for my jeep

This June-Sept has been a time of joy and blessings welcoming Lucy Ann, William Brian, and Hayden Eliza to this world.  May they live to be as healthy and happy as my Grandmom Press who lived just 2 weeks shy of her 103rd BD.  I pray I have her good genes as she smoked and drank until the day she died. 


Just found a cold diet coke in the fridge and I have straws.  Big + for the day.

Orange really is the new black.

My hair is longer and grayer than it has ever been since I can't sit through a color/cut right now.  Marty asked me please not to look like a picture of me from 1985 that he thinks makes me look like a clone of Bette Midler 

Just bought a spanx turtleneck.....cant breath in it but I look great.

Brought 7 pairs of shoes with me to the beach this summer.  I have worn 2+ 1 pair of new Toms.

I have already bought my tickets for Firefly 2014....It was the best time ever.

Gave out 500 flags at the Starboard Running of the Bulls with the help of the local beach rat kids.

And I could not have gotten through this summer with my people  near and far but especially my near Red Tent people.  (Maddy must not have gotten the denim memo)

I continue to not reread or edit or let anyone proof read....forgive me for being me.

Peace and Blessings for a fine fall.

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